2019-02-22 13.16.48I am a lecturer in HCI at the University of Glasgow. I am part of the Glasgow Interactive Systems Group (GIST), leading the Public and Performative Interaction theme within GIST. My research focuses on how people use technology in public spaces and how interactive technologies can be designed given the “performative” aspects of using technology in public. My current research looks at playful interfaces for public spaces the use embedded interaction, large format displays, and whole body input.

I completed my PhD in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow in January 2012, supervised by Stephen Brewster. My thesis explored the social acceptability of using multimodal interfaces in public spaces, especially with respect to mobile interfaces. I completed my Bachelor of Science Cum Laude in Informatics at the University of California, Irvine. During my undergrad, I worked with Paul Dourish on research projects looking at proxemic interaction across urban areas.


I am looking for PhD students to join the Public and Performative Interaction Group.  Students interested in completing a PhD at the University of Glasgow can contact me directly for information about applying, studentships, and opportunities within the group.  I am looking for students interested in tangible and embedded interaction, digital interactive art, public displays and unusual display technologies, and interaction and technology for public spaces.