An Unusual Training Session

2013-04-27 11.04.40 In my effort to keep up my training during CHI 2013, I completed my long run today along the Seine River. Accidentally ran into a few landmarks along the way. I started near the conference center going towards to the Arc de Triomphe.





2013-04-27 11.11.50

From there I headed down Champs-Élysées. The was the best part of the run because it was a gentle downhill slope the whole way.







2013-04-27 11.25.51

Caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from the other side of the water.  Notice the lovely springtime weather in Paris this week.






2013-04-27 11.48.08

Crossed over the water along “lover’s bridge” at the 4 mile point but forgot maths and and geometry and headed in a triangular trail which would end up being more than 8 miles (I had just completed the hypotenuse of my run).





2013-04-27 12.20.02 Took a victory lap around the base of the Eiffel tower and headed home thinking of lunch! Ended up being roughly 10 miles all told, at a terrible pace due to the constant stopping/starting for traffic and sightseeing.  But it was important to just get out there and run!

This training is all going towards the half marathon in Edinburgh this May.  I’m running the half in memory of my mother for the Bowl Cancer UK Charity.  Donate and become part of an excellent cause!

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Work in Progress and Workshop Papers at CHI 2013

This year at CHI I will be presenting a work in progress and attending the “Experiencing Interactivity in Public Places” workshop.


My work in progress presentation discusses work I completed on the MultiMemoHome Project with my colleagues Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Euan Freeman, and Stephen Brewster. This paper describes the co-design of a smartpen and paper calendar-based reminder system for the home. The design sessions involved older adults and used experience prototypes. We completed these co-design sessions with older adults in order to explore the possibility of exploiting paper-based calendars for multimodal reminders systems using a smartpen. The initial results demonstrate successful interaction techniques that make a strong link between paper interaction and scheduling reminders, such as using smartpen annotations and using the location of written reminders within a paper diary to schedule digital reminders. The results also describe important physical aspects of paper diaries as discussed by older adults, such as daily/weekly layouts and binding. Full Paper

2012-12-04 17.20.14

My position paper for the EIPS workshop discusses my current work as a SICSA Fellow in Multimodal Interaction at Glasgow University. When interactive systems require users to “perform” in front of others, the experience of interacting dramatically changes. This “performative” dynamic can be purposefully exploited in the design and evaluation of interactive systems to create compelling experiences. In this work, I explore these issues using highly flexible low-resolution displays composed of strips of individually addressable LED lights. These low-resolution displays can take a wide variety of forms and can be deployed in many different settings. I pair these displays with depth sensors to add playful interactivity, whole body interaction, and proxemic interaction. Such a combination of flexible output and depth-based input can be used for a variety of playful and creative interfaces. In this paper, I describe some of the most promising directions made possible using this technology, such as ambient interfaces that create playful reactive experiences, visualize pedestrian traffic, and highlight social dynamics. Full Paper