Future Immersive Interaction @CHI2022

We have a busy CHI planned with a full papers, poster paper, and alt.chi paper published from the group this year. I’ve also been busy as Papers Chair for 2022, and looking forward to continuing this job in 2023.

We evaluated a consensus seeking task in a virtual environment accessed via an HMD or a desktop PC.

With colleagues from University of Glasgow, CWI, Toyota Research, and Northeastern University, we published our latest work on digital proxemics, available Open Access in the ACM DL. Code and Data are also available on GitHub.

Digital Proxemics: Designing Social and Collaborative Interaction in Virtual Environments

April 2022pp 1-12 https://doi.org/10.1145/3491102.3517594 Behaviour in virtual environments might be informed by our experiences in physical environments, but virtual environments are not constrained by the same physical, perceptual, or social cues. Instead of replicating the properties of physical spaces, ..

Laura will be presenting her poster on “reality anchors,” research looking at what anchors users need from reality to contextualise virtuality.

“Reality Anchors”: Bringing Cues from Reality into VR on Public Transport to Alleviate Safety and Comfort Concerns

April 2022pp 1-6 https://doi.org/10.1145/3491101.3519696Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have the unique capability to create private virtual content anywhere around the user, going beyond the capacities of traditional devices, but are not widely used while travelling, due to safety and comfort concerns. …

Ross will be presenting his speculative project on the future of always on XR in the alt.chi track, in collaboration with the Neil McDonnell in the School of Philosophy.

When Virtuality Surpasses Reality: Possible Futures of Ubiquitous XR

April 2022pp 1-8 https://doi.org/10.1145/3491101.3516396 Is our future heading towards enhancing the human experience with computer-mediated reality? Immersive technology is unique, existing between the world and our senses, letting users traverse wholly virtual environments (i.e. distant places or fantasy …